Fall colours in the Jenkins Complex Natural Area by Brett MacKinnon

Conserving Land

With almost 90 % of Prince Edward Island in private ownership, there are significant challenges associated with protecting land over multiple generations and changing economies. While taxpayer-funded securement of natural spaces in public parks and forests is a crucial means of retaining biodiversity, the participation of private land trusts and individuals is also integral to the long-term protection of natural landscapes on the Island.

Island Nature Trust is the Island’s longest-serving private land trust, established in 1979 to protect and conserve natural areas in PEI. We:

  • Acquire ecologically sensitive land through donation, bequest or purchase
  • Manage our properties to retain and restore their ecological integrity
  • Assist private landowners to manage and protect their own properties

We are independent, dedicated, provincial in scope and fuelled by the passion of Islanders for their beautiful island landscape.

Prince Edward Island has set a target for natural areas protection of 7 % of the land or 86,000 acres by 2020. We are just over halfway to that target and much work remains to be done!

A network of natural spaces connected by wildlife corridors will include important habitats like:

  • Upland hardwood forest, the traditional Maritime Acadian or Wapan’ekati forest
  • Bogs, fens and cedar swamps
  • Coldwater streams
  • Beach barrier or barrachois ponds
  • Salt and freshwater marshes
  • Coastal cliffs, dunes and beaches
  • Nearshore islands

Together with the Province, Mi’kmaq, other conservation groups, and our dedicated volunteer Conservation Guardians, we can leave a legacy of healthy protected areas for future generations of Islanders.