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About Us

The Island Nature Trust – Protecting Wildlife Habitat since 1979! We are a non-government, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the  protection and management of Natural Areas on Prince Edward Island (Canada). We acquire lands to be held in trust for future generations, manage these lands as an example of appropriate and sustained use, and help private […]

Garter Snake ASMfeature

Welcome Back Piping Plovers!

Our Piping Plover Stewardship Program staff and volunteer Piping Plover Guardians have been monitoring the endangered piping plover along PEI’s north and southeastern shores for almost two decades. Our work begins in April, when piping plovers start to arrive on our shores. Males typically arrive first and begin establishing breeding territories. They fly with exaggerated […]

Great Blue Heron Winner

The lucky winner of the Great Blue Heron Carving Raffle was Linda Gaudet of Charlottetown.  Linda has been a Nature Trust member for many years as well as a Piping Plover Guardian.  Congratulations Linda!

Fund Raising Dinner

The Fund Raising Dinner is over for another year!  Thank you to the many generous donors, volunteers and Dinner Committee members for all your hard work.  It’s a lot of work to organize and host such an event and everyone’s generosity is greatly appreciated.  Approximately $19,000 was raised this year which is down a bit […]