2015 Hummingbird Project

The Ruby-throated hummingbird (RTH) is the only hummingbird on PEI. A long distance migrant, the Ruby-throated hummingbird faithfully returns every spring to nest. RTHs normally arrive back to PEI by mid-May, from wintering grounds as far away as Central America. In 2015, during that month, many places on PEI were still covered in deep drifts of snow! Proper artificial feeding surely helps hummers, especially during inclement weather, but what else could we do to assist this favourite tiny bird of Island gardens?


To answer that question, biologist Brenda Penak conducted research on the variety of native plant species that would: provide sources of nectar, attract insects (also a good portion of the “hummer” diet), as well as provide opportunities for perching and nesting. A list of possible native plant and shrub species was developed. Through Macphail Woods, Save-A Native Plant in Fredericton, NB and suppliers associated with Doirons Landscaping of Charlottetown, we were able to purchase plant and shrub species native to eastern Canada that would benefit hummingbirds.


Along with biologist Brenda Penak and the City of Charlottetown’s Parks and Recreation Department we created a hummingbird garden in Victoria Park. All are welcome to visit the hummingbird garden in the park.


For more information on the Ruby-throated hummingbird please see our factsheet.

Funding for this project was secured from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and the City of Charlottetown Community Micro Grant Project.