Pair of Yellow Warblers by Brett MacKinnon


Prince Edward Island, or Epekwitk in Mi’kmaq (meaning “lying in the water”), is a small sandstone gem at the edge of the Atlantic. It is the smallest Canadian province and also the most densely populated. Often likened to a patchwork quilt, PEI has a gently rolling landscape of fields and forests, with fingers of small, spring-fed cold-water brooks everywhere, feeding rich coastal bays.

Islanders cherish the natural beauty of their green and red home; it is Island Nature Trust’s home too. We are the Island’s first and oldest private land trust, working since 1979 to protect land in PEI and manage it responsibly. We believe we need to retain some land as undeveloped, for its intrinsic and wildlife values, but also to provide the natural services Islanders depend on for clean water, clean air and a livable environment.

PEI’s population is growing and our rural landscapes are under increased pressure from residential development, resource use and climate change. Now more than ever there is a great need for Islanders to work together to protect the natural assets we love while ensuring we support a sustainable way of life for Islanders. Island Nature Trust invites you to join us in working to protect the Island’s natural spaces, both for our children and the diversity of wildlife that live here.